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Risk management

For bewidata, the function of del credere management results in a number of risks that need to be identified and controlled. A company-wide risk management is therefore an integral part of all decision and business processes.

A central risk is the risk of default, but our differentiated and actively implemented risk monitoring system enables us to identify impending defaults at an early stage.

Closely connected to this are the following measures, which make bewidata a permanently stable and indispensable partner for purchasing associations, retail companies, and suppliers.

  1. bewidata shows an equity capital of 25.5 million euros, plus lump-sum risk provisions of 1.9 million euros as per the annual financial statement as of December 31, 2019.

    The liquidity reserves are capitalized at around 25.7 million euros (at the lower of cost or market).

    The net profit for the year and the resulting increase in equity indicate a continuously positive earnings situation. With an equity ratio of around 28% and a share of liquid investments of more than 28.2% of the balance sheet total, bewidata can thus boast very healthy key figures.

  2. The risk of insolvency for bewidata could theoretically arise from the fact that retailers might no longer be able to make their payments to bewidata.

    In order to protect bewidata from such consequences, these retailers are regularly – at least once a year – checked on the basis of balance sheets, preliminary figures, and other information.

    Likewise, the payment history and the auditing behavior of the retailers are subject to continuous control. Any conspicuous features and potential risks are immediately checked with the retailers by our credit team – exclusively employees with bank training and many years of professional experience. Corporate risks are categorized and monitored as required using a rating system with a high degree of selectivity tailored to the individual company.

    If necessary, customary bank securities of retailers in favor of bewidata also belong to our daily business. This professional approach has led to extremely low credit default rates since the foundation of bewidata.

  3. Even the risk of a complete collapse of the entire industry is taken into account by the fact that bewidata has secured its receivables from retailers in full through Euler Hermes credit insurance.

    This means that bewidata itself is fully covered against the default risks of retailers.

  4. Furthermore, the credit business of bewidata is supervised internally by the Supervisory Board and the Credit Committee (a body with external members with a banking background), as well as externally by the BaFin (Bundesaufsicht für Finanzen – Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) and the Deutsche Bundesbank.

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