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Services of bewidata’s centralized settlement with del credere management

Using our centralized settlement system simplifies and enhances the business activities of our customers and partners.

Useful. Strong. Competitive. Discover the advantages for yourself.

Advantages for affiliated groups and their members

Securing bonuses and refunds

The large invoice pool facilitates the collection of all conditions. Many conditions are already deducted on a percentage basis with each settlement.

Improvement of member loyalty

Experience shows that centralized settlement, in combination with concentration effects, leads to improved loyalty of members within the group.

Invoice and condition control

Conditions on a regular basis are stored permanently.

Focusing on your core competencies

Centralized settlement results in variable costs for service providers.

Reliable statistics

Since all invoices submitted and settled via centralized settlement are included, they provide a sound basis for statistics.

Reduction of payment transaction costs by simplifying payment transactions

All invoices are settled with one payment only.

Advantages for contract suppliers

Reduction of the default risk

Comprehensive del credere management significantly reduces the risk of default.

Payment always in first condition

All invoices will be paid at the best rate, regardless of how the member company settles its bills.

Simplified debtor monitoring

Debtor monitoring is carried out by the central regulator. Additionally, the supplier receives relevant information about the invoice status.

Easy data exchange with only a single body

No adaptations to different systems are required; electronic and simple data exchange with only one body and only one partner.

Potential for sales increase

Concentration effects with contract suppliers are the rule.

Advantages for affiliate companies

Clear, positive creditworthiness statement for the trading company vis-à-vis the industry

bewidata assumes an unlimited financial guarantee for the trading company participating in the centralized settlement with del credere for all deliveries and services vis-à-vis the contract suppliers of the credit protection association.

In addition, bewidata guarantees the suppliers that 100% of the invoice amount (no security discounts are made at the due date of the invoice) is paid by bewidata.

Significantly expanded range of suppliers with secured conditions

The supplier of the credit protection association is completely secured. The quality of this protection makes it easy for every contract supplier to deliver goods to every member of the association without risk – without any restrictions.

This, in turn, allows each affiliate company easy access to a significantly expanded range of suppliers under secure conditions.

Individual proof of creditworthiness, individual furnishing of securities with various credit insurers or time-consuming and nerve-racking individual negotiations with a number of credit insurers have become a thing of the past.

The work of the accounting department becomes significantly easier

The processing of the centralized settlement lists by the affiliate company is performed by means of a web-based processing mask.

This editing mask is intuitively designed and easy to use, even for “IT laypersons”. The structure is based on easy-to-understand paper lists – but still offers all the advantages of IT-supported processing.

The summary of documents and the resulting transparency will simplify the work of your accounting department considerably.

Easy access to all the invoice information

All invoice information in the centralized settlement system is stored at bewidata, and can be viewed via the centralized settlement online portal with its very flexible item search functionality.

Dispositions, individualized lists, and even simple document searches within past settlements are possible.

Payments within the framework of the centralized settlement are carried out within the discount period

This essential element is ensured by the contract design with the contract suppliers of the association.

It is also contractually guaranteed that your payment to the centralized regulator bewidata is made with debt-discharging effect.

Compatible with our merchandise management system MÖBELPILOT

The users of the merchandise management system MÖBELPILOT have the possibility to reflect the centralized settlement directly in their merchandise management and to communicate with bewidata.

This permits comprehensive automatization of the processes.

Compatible with other merchandise management systems

The invoice documents that come in via the centralized settlement are digitalized by bewidata during the participation in the “original procedure”, and are made available together with the data necessary for the settlement for processing in the merchandise management system of the trading company.

This procedure has already been implemented for a number of different merchandise management systems. The digitalized documents are archived in an audit-proof way under this procedure.

Participation in the bewidata company comparison is possible

From the – of course anonymized – data generated from annual financial statements, we provide annual company comparisons free of charge.

Each participant is given the opportunity to classify his or her company by comparing the individual data with the average values of the companies of his or her colleagues in the association with regard to important economic key figures (sales, profitability, and cost figures).

Individual customer service by bewidata

The customer service of bewidata is available to its customers – usually free of charge – for business and financial questions, location studies, and purchasing power analyses.

Also when it comes to support for bank talks, renegotiation of loans etc. with your principal bank.