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Business management support

Also in centralized settlement, the conception of bewidata goes beyond the technical processing and the function of the del credere provider.

In the centralized settlement, extensive knowledge about important business-relevant parameters is gained for all the affiliate companies on the basis of annual financial statements, business management evaluations, forecasts, and internal statistics.

From the broad underlying database, objective data can be determined which have a high statistical significance and also allow differentiated statements to be made for specialized retailers.

Brief commentary on the credit rating documents

Part of the knowledge gained is directly returned to each company participating in the centralized settlement in the form of a brief commentary on the creditworthiness documents submitted.

Benefit from our experience in centralized settlement credit

Our employees in the centralized settlement credit department can also look back on decades of experience in the retail and credit/banking sectors.

You can benefit from the in-depth experience of our credit advisors by unbureaucratic communication with us in the event of upcoming changes in your corporate planning.

Support in drafting contracts with your principal bank

We will be happy to advise you if new contractual arrangements with your principal bank are due, for example, due to an investment or refinancing.

bewidata has already supported retail companies in numerous bank negotiations. Our expertise as a retail expert has always been welcome in bank consultations.

Consulting regarding projects relevant to business and finance

Even with small and larger upcoming projects – such as new foundations, branch closures, expansion or investments for changes, company handovers etc. – bewidata can make an important contribution to the decision-making in companies if desired.

Feel free to contact us for further information: kontakt(at)